Our Story

We have all experienced being part of a charity that struggled in some manner, funding, volunteerism, communication, balancing resources of all kinds. Typically there are a handful of people involved in the success of our favorite charities, whether they be donors, volunteers, or the limited number of staff. As part of a graduate program we decided to do some serious research and find a solution.

The results for charities was a struggle with resources, duh, and communication. We also found that the solutions to some of these problems are very fragmented and very expensive. They have high monthly fees, additional fees for donations that could add up quickly, and graduated fees based on number of contacts that increase rapidly.

What we found on the individual’s side, they want more communication from the charities they support. They are willing to give more of their money and time to charities that share their successes and needs more frequently.

Well, we are setting out to fix these issues by building an all-in-one platform. e-llumo’s goal is to reduce the strain on the resources of charities. We are doing this by providing the tools needed to be sustainable at no cost*.

What are we doing about it?

We are offering our member charities UNLIMITED FREE access to:
  • Contacts/Followers
  • General Donations
  • Crowdfunding Campaigns
  • Volunteer Project Building & Coordination
  • Events
  • Instant Messaging
  • Group/Team Messaging
  • Open Communication/Newsfeeds

What are we not doing?

We are not making our member charities experience:
  • Multiple accounts, usernames, and passwords needed to fulfill their basic purpose
  • Fragmented communication channels for their supporters to use
  • Algorithms to push their message to the bottom of the pile
  • Payments for a limited number of exposures on newsfeeds or events
  • High fees that may limit their reach
  • Percentages that could add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars a month
  • A limited audience
*PayPal processing fees do apply. There are no additional fees for donations.