Privacy Statement

Below you will find the Privacy Policy for e-llumo, LLC, (further e-llumo, ellumo,, we, our, us) a Georgia limited liability company. Our Privacy Policy explains what information is collected and stored on our servers and how it can be used by e-llumo, our employees, affiliates, and third-party partners. This information is not meant to be exhaustive but more of an overview. We reserve the right to modify and make amendments to this policy without advance notification. Users may be notified prior to changes taking affect as to give them an opportunity to opt out of our services. Information is collected and stored through manual entry and by automated means when registered and non-registered users visit, associated sites, or pages. Sites or pages may include, but not limited to, e-llumo`s domain, sub-domains and pages, and member or third-party websites and pages.

By accessing or using the pages, applications, and/or services on, associated pages, or affiliate sites you understand and agree to the policies set forth in this document and become bound to them. We reserve the right to revise, edit, or modify these policies in part or whole. New policies become effective once they are published on this or any affiliate site. If you continue to use or access our website, applications, or services after the current Privacy Policy has been revised you agree to the new and revised policies. Should you not understand or agree to these policies do not access or use the website, applications, or services. Please contact us at should you have any questions pertaining to our "Privacy Policy".

e-llumo`s staff is extremely concerned about your privacy and the security of your data. We have and will continue to take measures in our software and server platforms to reduce the chances of data breaches. Keep in mind, it is also your responsibility to protect your data by, but not limited to, creating secure passwords, not sharing login information with others, logging out of your account when not in use by you, managing your account and computer privacy setting to your level of risk, and not posting any information publicly that could put you at risk.

e-llumo works with industry leading partners to help protect your information. To protect your financial information, donations are taken through Paypal`s secure site and no private banking or account information is stored on our servers. Here is a link to PayPal`s User agreement,

We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to protect information stored on our servers. Note that no one security measure is one hundred percent effective, and no site is completely safe from outside threats. Information sent over public and/or private communication could be at risk of exposure. Again, do not publish sensitive information in public areas and protect your login information.

e-llumo, our staff, partners, vendors, and/or secondary parties are not responsible for the actions of individuals or parties that bypass security measures put in place by us and/or others to protect your information.

Although we do our best to protect your information, any information transferred over internet infrastructure is always at risk to be intercepted and these actions are outside of our control. e-llumo, our employees, and third-party partners are not responsible for loss or theft of information send to us or our third-party partners over the internet. Information exchanged, whether automated or manually entered, over the internet is at the risk of the user(s) and their representative(s).

Collected information and how it is used:

Information collected and stored on our servers includes, but may not be limited to, the below lists.

  • Personal Information
  • Contact Information
    1. Name
    2. Email
    3. Physical Address
    4. Telephone Number(s)
    5. Other Social Media Addresses
  • Donations
    1. Contact Information
    2. Date
    3. Amount(s)
    4. PayPal Email Address
  • Volunteering
    1. Contact Information
    2. Date
    3. Event
    4. Volunteer Details
  • Activity/General
    1. Login IP Addresses
    2. Login Times

The information we collect is stored and used for the benefit any charitable organization, and its community members, that has a subscription membership with e-llumo. We do not sell any personal or contact information. We only share personal information pertaining to our member organizations and community members within what is listed in this text or what is granted to be shared through the membership’s profile settings. Information collected can and will be used for making improvements to our servers, user experience software performance, and security practices. In the future, e-llumo hopes to gather and analyze general information about trends in the charitable sector. This information will only be shared with organization members and their communities. Contact information will be used for communication purposes.

e-llumo uses Google Analytics and other analytical tools inside our software to monitor trends in general user behavior to improve usability, experience, and user retention. Information gather for this purpose does not include specific details, including name or contact information, that will be used to target specific individual persons or organizations.

At times and only when required by law or through a court order, e-llumo, its employees, representatives, and third-party partners may release information that is pertinent to judicial proceedings, court cases, legal investigations, and other cases pertaining to public safety. This information will only be released to law enforcement agencies, court officials, and/or representatives of involved parties as required.

When you share your contact information, member organizations may use your information to contact you about organization specific issues. If you wish to not receive such communication, you must select privacy settings to reflect your wishes.

e-llumo and its partner organizations will only use information collected through our system for the following purposes:

  • provide better customer experience
  • meet the needs of organizations and community members
  • communication for technical support
  • send update information
  • communicate about existing, new, and upcoming features
  • gather feedback for product improvement
  • determine terms of use agreement is met by all parties
  • help organizations meet their mission by offering new and improved products and features
  • analysis of trends in specific and general communities and sectors of the nonprofit industry

Organization and Community Member Information and Communication

By completing a profile form and creating an account with, you agree for yourself and/or organization to receive communication from, any affiliates or automated system directly associated with your account. Communication may include, but is not limited to, recommended volunteer and funding projects, organizations to follow, personal connections, educational information, system information, or information pertaining to products offered by e-llumo or our affiliates. Email for more help with communication issues.

Organization subscribers may contact followers using information provided by community members on their profile, newsfeed, messaging, or other means through, applications or third-party systems.

Business Related Transactions and Accounts

e-llumo reserves the right to transfer information pertaining to any and all accounts should we be involved in a transfer of ownership, merger(s), dissolution, divesture, restructuring, bankruptcy or other corporate business transaction.

Profile and account information of all subscribers/members is considered an asset of e-llumo, LLC and its affiliate companies and can be transferred in the above-mentioned transactions. Account and profile information will not be sold to third party organizations for use not intended under our Terms of Use agreement.

Third Parties and Transfer of Data

From time to time, e-llumo, LLC will consult with third parties for UI/UX, operational, marketing, or other related improvements which may require sharing subscriber/member account and profile information. Shared information will only be used for purposes to improve our system and will not become property of third parties.

Data will be stored on servers owned and managed by Amazon Web Servers and may be temporarily transferred to third party servers for improvements purposes.

Persons Under 13 Years of Age

Persons under the age of 13 are not allowed to have an account on or any of its affiliate companies. We do not willing collect information on persons under the age of 13 and do not encourage parents, guardians, or other adults responsible for minors to allow them to create or share information on or affiliated sites. We reserve the right to delete all information and accounts pertaining to any person with noncompliant accounts.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

The privacy policy for will be reviewed and revised periodically. These changes will be made available to all current and potential users through When possible, we will send out notifications through our network, email, or other form of electronic communication. In the event of missed communication, we ask all users to access and read the privacy policy periodically for updates. We will do our best to note current changes in a way that makes the change recognizable to the reader. By continuing to use and associated websites/applications, users agree to all privacy policy revisions and the policy as a whole.

Personal Information

How to Access or Modify

Information can be accessed, modified, or deleted through your account. If there are difficulties accessing your information you can contact by email at Some form of identification will be required for us to access your account for you. We retain the right to deny access if identification cannot be provided or for any other reason our representative deems appropriate.

Third-party Marketing

Third-party associates do not have access to personal information for marketing purposes. Every effort will be made by and our associates/affiliates to not knowingly share information for third party marketing.

Donor and Volunteer Privacy

e-llumo does not collect credit card, debt card, or bank account information of donors. All sensitive payment method information such as the above mentioned will be stored on your PayPal account. All donations are made through an outside PayPal page to insure another level of security for user payment information. We are not responsible for any information release through PayPal or its affiliates. Please review the policies for using PayPal at e-llumo does collect the donor`s contact information, non-profit`s contact information, and the amount of the donation. This information can be used for reporting and research by the individual user, the receiving non-profit organization, and e-llumo. Personal information that can be linked back to a specific user will not be used in research. This information will be collected for generic research to assist organization to improve their efficiency.

When using the social sharing feature for posts, funding projects, and volunteer projects you agree that and other affiliates or third-party sites can post your non-sensitive/public profile information on outside social media platforms. Donation amounts or volunteering details will not be shared through the automatic social sharing features of or other applications unless they are included by you in your post(s).

At this time, yearend reports are not available for organizations or individual community members. and associated sites reserves the right to use cookies to capture information and make transitions from pages, applications, and outside sites more efficient.

Please contact organizations that you support about their individual privacy policies. e-llumo, LLC,, our third-party partners and affiliates are not responsible to communicating member organization`s individual policies. KNOW AND VERIFY THE ORGANIZATIONS YOU FOLLOW AND SUPPORT.

Non-profit Organization Privacy

e-llumo does not collect banking, credit card, or debit card information from its non-profit organization users. The information collected for donations includes organization`s contact information, donation amounts, and donor`s contact information. This information can be used for organizational and individual reporting, and research by e-llumo. Information collected for research will not include any personal information that can be linked to a specific individual or organization. Donations are collected through an outside PayPal account linked to the organization`s PayPal account. We are not responsible for information released by PayPal or its affiliates. Please review the policies for using PayPal services at

At this time, yearend reports are not available for organizations or individual community members. and associated sites reserves the right to use cookies to capture information and make transitions from pages, applications, and outside sites more efficient.