Terms of Service

It is very important to read this document to understand for who and what ellumo.com has been designed and published and the terms to which you as an agent of an organization or an individual agree.


By accessing or using the pages, applications, and/or services on ellumo.com you understand and agree to the “Terms of Use” set forth in this document and become bound to them. We reserve the right to revise, edit, or modify these terms in part or whole. New “Terms of Use” become effective once they are published on this or any affiliate site. If you continue to use or access our website, applications, or services after the current “Terms of Use” has been revised you agree to the new and revised terms. We retain the right to terminate and delete profiles/accounts that do not strictly follow the Terms of Use. Should you not understand or agree to these “Terms of Use” do not access or use the website, applications, or services. Please contact us at support@ellumo.com should you have any questions pertaining to these terms.

What e-llumo promotes:

  • positive community and personal growth
  • health and mental wellness
  • education
  • elderly and child care
  • spiritual growth
  • sports
  • technology
  • business
  • animal welfare
  • environmental conditions
  • crime prevention and victim support

ellumo.com, our applications, and services are strictly for non-profit organizations and their supporters that are:

  • non-profit organizations that actively have registered 501(c)(3) status with the Internal Revenue Service within the United States of America
  • promoting positive community and personal growth
  • involved in education, human development, healthcare, sports, religious and spiritual growth, human relief, civil rights (non-political), animal welfare, environment, technology, business, media, visual and performing arts, historical preservation, housing, mental health, drug abuse and recovery, elder and child care, medical research, crime prevention and victim support, employment, disaster relief, leisure and recreation

ellumo.com and our applications and services are strictly not for non-profit organizations and their supporters that are:

  • organizations that do not have 501(c)(3) status or have had their active 501(c)(3) terminated
  • involved in political action, associated with specific political parties or has independent political focus, promotes or involved with activities that terminates life or potential life, or promotes violence against others.

Restricted Posts and Activity,

Ellumo.com will strictly enforce these and all "Terms of Use." The below list is not meant to be an exhaustive list of prohibited content and activity. One should use common sense along with the below items to determine appropriate content and activities. E-llumo retains the right to ban items in addition to the below list and will update this list as needed.

Posts that are not allowed:

  • hate speech or images
  • any political speech or images
  • violent speech or images
  • images containing carnal content
  • contain banned words, such as bad-mannered/foul language, slang words for body parts, etc.
  • links to sexually explicit sites
  • links to outside sites that offer the same or similar services as e-llumo and/or our affiliates
  • speech or images that insight violence or political tension

Volunteer and Fundraising Projects that are not allowed:

  • promote the termination of life or potential life
  • promote hate or divide communities
  • promote violence or political tension
  • has a violent or political goal/purpose

Conduct Outline


  • building supportive communities
  • posting positive information to help promote positive community interaction
  • raise funds for improving the lives of humans, animals, and the environment
  • post volunteer projects that improves the lives of humans, animals, and the environment
  • connect with and follow organizations that align with your supported causes

Not Allowed

  • post or upload information, software, applications, etc. that will, directly or indirectly, harm our system or that of other users, this includes viruses or other files with malicious intent
  • downloading information or files that are property of e-llumo, LLC, our affiliates, or others than you or your organization
  • manipulate information not published/owned by you or your organization
  • restricting others from using the software, application, or services offered by e-llumo or our affiliates
  • create multiple user profiles or accounts under your legal or fictitious name(s) for any reason
  • collecting data for marketing outside of these agreed terms
  • spamming other users, including, but not limited to, chain letters, junk mail, telemarketing
  • posts that at are profane, obscene, ******, promote violence, unlawful, or pornographic in nature
  • post content that does or possibly could defame other users, non-users, organizations, governments, or specific groups and general groups of people
  • harass persons or organizations that you do not agree with their mission, philosophy, staff, directors, etc.
  • post material that is unlawful or illegally obtained ex. copyright material not owned by the publisher, information that violates other`s legal rights

Know the Organizations

Donors/Volunteers are required to verify that the non-profit organization(s) they decide to support using e-llumo.com or our affiliates, through time or finances, are registered 501(c)(3) organizations through the Internal Revenue Service of the United States of America.

e-llumo and our affiliates do not verify the organizations using our website, applications, and/or services are active 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations registered with the Internal Revenue Service of the United States of America. Organizations do not report financial information to us or our affiliates to verify they are using funds for their intended purpose.


Users and/or their agents cannot use our website, applications, or services for purposes other than those outlined in these terms. Misuse of the website, applications, or services will result in the termination of profiles involved in posts, projects, events, etc. Users may not be allowed to create new accounts if their profile/account has been terminated. These terms are strictly enforced at the discretion of our staff and management.

Ownership of Intellectual Property

The names e-llumo and ellumo.com, logos, and taglines, used on our website, applications or by our affiliates are trademarks and solely owned by Suite 3B Management, LLC and e-llumo, LLC. All software, applications, code, websites, graphics, and content are copyrighted by and property of Suite 3B Management, LLC and e-llumo.com. No unauthorized use of these and future trademarks, software, applications, content, and graphics is prohibited, unless written permission is granted in writing solely by an authorized agent of Suite 3B Management or e-llumo, LLC.

Modification to and distribution or transmission of intellectual property, contained on this website and our affiliate sites, is strictly prohibited by anyone. Users have no rights above what is stated in these terms to the software, services, applications owned and registered to, published by or for Suite 3B Management, e-llumo, LLC, and ellumo.com. These terms are not transferable in whole or part to any person, user, organization, or entity. Users can copy, print, or download content for their own personal or non-commercial use.

Users may not profit or generate revenue outside our website, applications, or services using content published on our website, through our applications, or affiliate websites using other methods, including but not limited to any form of media, social sites, or software. Exclusions for outside content publishing and revenues includes other social media sites linked through our social sharing application.

e-llumo retains the right to terminate and delete any user`s account or profile who defaults on the intellectual property, and any other, section of these terms.


By creating a user profile, community member or organization, you agree to allow us to send you or your organization communication through various forms of media, electronic or print. e-llumo will from time to time send emails, notifications, or make public posts about policies, terms, services, connections, events, projects, etc. to help improve user experience.

Accuracy of Information

Users are solely responsible for any and all information posted on e-llumo.com, through our applications or affiliates and its accuracy. We cannot be held liable for information published outside our control and it is the responsibility of users to notify us in cases of abuse or misinformation. This includes notifying us, at support@ellumo.com, about organizations found to not have 501(c)(3) status with the Internal Revenue Service in the United States of America.

Sensitive and Personal Data


Terms Defined

  • e-llumo, LLC is defined by terms such as "we" "us" or "our" "ellumo.com"
  • affiliates are any organizations or individuals working with e-llumo, LLC in reference to any site, application, or service that works in conjunction with ellumo.com
  • application can be defined as mobile website, database, or functional features of the software
  • service can be defined as software designed and produced for our purposes
  • donor(s) and volunteer(s) can be referred to as community members
  • users can be defined as individuals or organizations and their agents, or by using terms like "you", "user", "subscriber", "individual", "member", "agent", "donor", "volunteer", "organization", "community member" or "non-profit organization"
  • speech can be defined as the use of verbal communication through sound or written methods
  • image can be defined as any graphic representation whether video, photo, drawing, or painting
  • website is defined as ellumo.com